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Kirby Haines

Real Estate Investor / Financial Mentor

houston apartment association logo 2020 HAA Independent Rental Owner of the Year Nominee

Kirby Haines, CEO and founder of Kastle Assets, started his journey in the financial industry at a very early age, thanks to both his parents. Kirby would go see the cool houses with his Mom who was a real estate broker, and learned a great deal about the real estate industry. While in college, Kirby bought his first single-family foreclosure at 20 years old, which doubled his net worth.

A few years later Kirby started working with his Dad at a brokerage firm and helped manage $50M in assets for over 100 wealthy families and business owners. This wonderful opportunity further added decades of experience from his dad, and Kirby was able to take all this and apply it in Multifamily Real Estate when he joined Lifestyles Unlimited Real Estate and Mentor group in 2010. Kirby is now passively invested in 17 multifamily deals with over 3,015 units and was able to achieve financial freedom and retire from Corporate America at the young age of 33.

But Kirby did not want to stop there. In 2018, Kirby created Kastle Assets, and became a real estate sponsor/Lifestyles Lead Investor by purchasing his first multifamily deal. Later that year Kirby received Fannie Mae approval for self-management of his properties. With the help of a loyal and hard-working team who shares his passion for Real Estate, Kastle Assets has become the market leader in its submarkets, and growing rapidly. Now in 2021, Kastle Assets has 6 properties totaling 982 units and continue multifamily acquisitions across strong Texas markets.